Lenses on Her Heart
A painful love story for all the broken hearts
Based on novel by Akio Morisawa 森沢明夫

Original Title: Kirakira Megane
Released Year: 2018
Genre: Drama, Romance
Languages: Japanese
Duration: 121 min

Director(s): Kazutoshi Inudo 犬童一利
Tsumugu つむぐもの (2016),4 Sisters of the Saotome 早乙女4姉妹(2015), Coming Out カミングアウト(2014)

Cast: Hiroto Kanai 金井浩人 as Akemi Tachibana, Chizuru Ikewaki池脇千鶴 as Akane, Masanobu Ando安藤政信 as Yuji

Tachibana bought an old book and found a business card put in between leaves. One phrase that moved is heart deeply was underlined in the book. Tachibana decided to call the contact on the card and meet this lady who read the same book. Then comes the mystery lady Akane who can see things sparklingly...

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